6 de abril de 2012

Safe & Sound

Pure white inspiration, so soft, delicate and feminine as an expression of heavenly beauty.
Lace, silk, embroidered, flowers, chiffon, white and light colors united to give 
a powerful and ethereal image.

5 comentarios:

michellek dijo...

i would love to be in some of these editorials, so beautiful!

t dijo...

Nice pics!


Ay*sha dijo...

Thank you so much girls!

Lexxie` dijo...

Safe and Sound is one of the best song I've heard. I love Taylor Swift, because she is so pure, and... different.
Those editorial shows how beautiful and powerful womens are.

tiphaine dijo...

hey sweetie ! first of all, i wanted to thank you for all those sweet comments you left on my blog, you make my day every time ! <333 and i reaaaally love yours too. that post is incredibly inspiring, love it ! have a great day :)) xx