29 de junio de 2012

Radio, live transmission

Listen to the silence, let it ring on.
Eyes, dark grey lenses frightened of the sun.
We would have a fine time living in the night,
Left to blind destruction,
Waiting for our sight. 

26 de junio de 2012

Primadonna girl

Cause i'm a primadonna girl, yeah
All i ever wanted was the world
I can't help that i need it all...

18 de junio de 2012

Cross your heart & hope to die

Personally i'm not a religious person and i'm not sure if i can wear this particular trend (without feeling like a hypocrite), but i think that for people who usually wear crosses and stuff is a awesome trend.

P.S: I love the new Nasty Gal colection!

Source: weheartit, lookbook, nasty gal, black milk & more.