11 de abril de 2012

Rouge Pony

I must say that i got a huge crush on Rouge Pony right now.
They have accessories beautiful and original and the photographs are really inspiring too.
When i look them i think in old bedtime stories, in Alice In Wonderland, tea partys, fantasy forests and other wonderfull things.
You should check on his page and have great DIY ideas besides the opcion to buy the accesories: http://www.etsy.com/shop/rougepony

4 comentarios:

Fabliha dijo...

loving the vibe of these photos

tiphaine dijo...

Wow, I didn't know Rouge Pony at all but all of these amazing pictures make me want to check out their website right nowww! haha:))
anyway I wanted to thank you for the sweet comment you posted on my blog, it makes me feel so lucky to have such great followers! <3 you are amazing.
I wish you an awesome week too!
Much love dear! <33

Adora Mehitabel dijo...

amazing photoshoot. very much my style

Ay*sha dijo...

Im glad to read that!!
You are so lovely :)