18 de abril de 2012

Best of Paris Couture FW ♥

I dont have much to tell, i have so many homework from the uni at the moment that my life became a little bit difficult.
I'm really exhausted but im so happy about being studing again, im the kind of girl that goes crazy if dont have anything to do, specially if is not exiting and competitive like just being on vacation. Anyway, im glad  to write here again.

In the moment im really into the Giambattista Valli Couture collection 2012, Valentino Spring Couture collection 2012 and mainly  Dior’s Haute Couture Spring collection 2012. Even if they are already seen im always feel happy watching the collections.

Hope you enjoy and you dream about dresses all night like me, im in love with these pieces

 Giambattista Valli


 Christian Dior

5 comentarios:

michellek dijo...

i love the giambattista valli collection, so beautiful. and also the dior. very gorgeous with lovely layering.

Fabliha dijo...

I would kill to wear one of those door dresses!


Victoria B dijo...

what a great blog!!!
let's follow each other?

Joseph Dang dijo...

Paris fashion is the best!

J n Nty dijo...

Those dresses are gorgeous