19 de marzo de 2012

Le plus beau du quartier




Harry Goodwins            
Country Of Origin: United Kingdom
From: East London
Height: 185 cm/6’1’’

Sean O’Pry
Country Of Origin: United States
From: Kennesaw, Georgia
Height: 185 cm/6’1’’

Dmitriy Tanner
Country of origin: Russian Federation
From: American bred
Height:  188 cm/6' 2"

Josh Beech
Country of origin: United Kingdom
From: Biggin Hill, London
Height: 185 cm/6’1’

4 comentarios:

Jane dijo...

This is quite an interesting post, especially before going to bed .. Thanks for sharing those pictures ;-)

AVY dijo...

Sean O'Pry, Mm...



Ay*sha dijo...

I know haha
I was pretty inspired

I just wanted to share my favorite models !


Jordana Lilly dijo...

Such beautiful photos, thanks for the inspiration!

stop by sometime! xox Jordana