31 de agosto de 2012


I'm really looking for a new fragrance for spring. I been using Very Irrésisitble from Givenchy and Burberry The Beat and i love them so much! Sadly they are running out and i must think carefully in my next investing. 
I'm pretty sure that im going to get PARISIENNE from Yves Saint Laurent. 
Love the smell, love the floral but not too sweet scent. 
Also i'm obsessed with the campaing, the bottle and of course with the beautiful and lovely Kate M. What did you guys think?

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Carolyne O' dijo...

I've got it! Perfume and body cream and I adore it!
What do you think about following each other?



TomorrowlandLady dijo...

Love your style. Good job :)

-follow each ?

Szelkaszel dijo...

Hi dear :) I really like your blog, would you ike to follow each other? If so-follow me and leave a comment on one of the post so I can see and return the love! Can;t wait to see you at my site! :)