12 de agosto de 2012

I know exactly why i walk and talk like a machine

I'm very into some futuristic shapes at the moment. 
I think most of them aren't for daily wear, but they are an awesome source of inspiration.
Maybe i wouldn't wear it all together, but i definitely like them. Some of these pieces separated from the composition are stunning. 
I also add some architectonic inspiration because i found it searching and i really like it!

5 comentarios:

Lara Rose dijo...

Amazing pictures!!

Sabrina dijo...

Great photos and thanks-now I have that Marina ANd The Diamonds song in my ear ;) (but I ♥ it ) xx

Jessica dijo...

thanks for following, i followed you back :D wow i love this inspiration!! the sharp lines and metallic colors are so amazing! but i agree it would be pretty hard to wear most of these in real life!


cecylia.com dijo...

LOVE your white lace dress! so so so beautiful!

cecylia.com dijo...

oops sorry that was for another post- these are out of this world!!! I'm in love with the plastic sheath look!