10 de mayo de 2012

You and i have history, or don't you remember?

I just can´t get enough of the mint color. 
Here's in Chanel, Burberry, Elie Saab and others.

I need a new trench! Maybe in a soft pastel or cream color, i must think about it.

Bless your soul, you've got you're head in the clouds,
You made a fool out of you,
And, boy, she's bringing you down,
She made your heart melt,
But you're cold to the core,
Now rumour has it she ain't got your love anymore
Rumor has it - Adele 

2 comentarios:

Don't Think Twice dijo...

wow!!! beautiful dresses!!!!


michellek dijo...

mmm minty goodness, this post's photos totally steal my heart. the burberry dress eeehh i die so beautiful and the other eye candy too. i seriously wish i could take the photos from the computer so i could wear them without having to buy them